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Captain Tolley

Repair your leaking windscreen seals

Windscreen seal leaks are often caused by tiny, barely perceptible hairline cracks. Normally you would have to remove and replace the windscreen seal – an expensive and time consuming project. With Captain Tolley’s it’s a simple job.

Captain Tolley’s is a hyper-liquid sealant that flows into the tiny hairline cracks causing the leak. Once in place it creates a permanent, clear and flexible seal.

How to use

Step 1
Apply Captain Tolley’s slowly along seams of the windscreen at the join where the windscreen rubber meets the body of the car. The sealant is extremely viscous (runny) so apply carefully.

Step 2
If the you see the sealant disappearing quickly into a particular area then this shows you where the leak is originating from. Apply further sealant to these areas in half an hour intervals until no more can be absorbed.

Step 3
Repeat this process, but this time on the side where the glass meets the rubber.

Step 3
If the sealant has dribbled away from the seal at all, wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth. If you leave this until it has dried you will have to use white/methylated spirits.

Step 5
Wait 24 hours for it to cure. Whilst it cures the conditions must be dry and frost free.

Step 5
After 24 hours a permanent, clear seal will have formed. To test it, give it a hose down. If there is still some residual leaking then repeat the process again.

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