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Repair boat window leaks

Save yourself the hassle of replacing your boat window seals. Most boat window leaks are caused by tiny hairline cracks which can easily be fixed using Captain Tolley’s.

Captain Tolley’s is unique penetrating sealant that traces and seal hairline cracks, waterproofing them against any future water ingress. To understand how it works check out this video:

How to use?

Step 1

Make sure the cracks are less than 0.1mm thin. Anything larger and the sealant won’t cure. Also ensure the area is dry and clean – you don’t want to seal in dirt.


Step 2

Apply Captain Tolley’s slowly all the way around the seams of the window. The sealant is extremely viscous (runny) so apply carefully.

Step 3

If the you see the sealant disappearing quickly into a crack or hole then this most likely where the leak is originating from. Apply further sealant to these areas in half an hour intervals until no more can be absorbed.

Step 4

Wait 24 hours for it to cure. Whilst it cures the conditions must be dry and frost free.


Step 5

After 24 hours a permanent, clear seal will have formed. To test it, give it a hose down. If there is still some residual leaking then repeat the process again.

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