Captain Tolley’s Journal

Save yourself the hassle of replacing your boat window seals. Most boat window leaks are caused by tiny hairline cracks which can easily be fixed using Captain Tolley’s.   Captain Tolley’s is unique penetrating sealant that traces and seal hairline cracks, waterproofing them against any future water ingress. To understand how it works check out […]

Window seal leaks are some of the most common caravans suffer from. These are usually caused by tiny hairline cracks and gaps forming in the window seals. Rather than having to go through the hassle of removing and replacing the window seal, they can be easily fixed instead using Capatain Tolley’s. Captain Tolley’s is a […]

Windscreen seal leaks are often caused by tiny, barely perceptible hairline cracks. Normally you would have to remove and replace the windscreen seal – an expensive and time consuming project. With Captain Tolley’s it’s a simple job. Captain Tolley’s is a hyper-liquid sealant that flows into the tiny hairline cracks causing the leak. Once in […]

To celebrate over 30 years of fixing leaks on land and sea we’re rebranding. Many thanks to Robert G. Fresson for the illustrated logo, Art. Department for leading the brand design work, and Our Place for the web design, leaflets and posters. New packaging will be appearing in shops from the spring onwards.

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