Find and fix leaks


Captain Tolley’s is a hyper-liquid sealant that penetrates and seals the narrowest of cracks, stopping the leaks they cause



Seal Leaks from the inside

Formulated to be thinner than water Captain Tolley's uses capillary action to travel into the finest of cracks, imitating water to reach the origin of a leak. 

Having filled the entire crack, it sets to a firm yet flexible waterproof seal. 

Launched by sailor and adventurer Peter Tolley in 1986, it's been keeping boats, vehicles and homes free from leaks ever since. 

It's compatible with nearly all materials

amazon 4.5 stars
It works its way into invisible openings and sets… a holy grail
— Griff Rhys Jones Sailor and Comedian. In To the Baltic with Bob
Gets into holes and cracks no other sealants can
— Yachting world
Find your leak and fix it without having to tear things apart
— Power and Motor yacht